Monday, June 30, 2008

Little Cate-Cur - Morning Show Diva

I'm still not quite believing this, but I checked the "Good Morning Texas" website, and there under Tuesday - tomorrow - is "Dogs with Jobs."

Eric O'Keefe, a Dallas-area publisher, editor, and writer is launching a new version of Land Report, a magazine aimed at owners of rural land. There will be features and columns on everything from farming and ranching advice to wildlife management, hunting and fishing, and celebrity profiles. I wrote a piece on working dogs for the inaugural issue. The inimitable Wyman Meinzer provided incredible photos.

Eric's publicist landed him a spot on "Good Morning Texas," and, fine fellow that he is, he'll be talking about my article. He convinced the producers that the segment wouldn't be complete without some real working dogs.

So, Donny Lynch will be there with his feist Ranger and rat terrier Junior. Wyman's son Hunter, a cowboy and cutting horse trainer is bringing his border collie-Kelpie pup, and I'll be there with Cate, who turned a year old yesterday. Donny has promised to wear his best overalls and Wolverine boots and a starched shirt. I'm thinking of giving Cate a bath this afternoon. This would be her third, if I'm remembering correctly.

Most likely, Eric will talk for a few minutes and then we'll parade our dogs through one by one. We're just serving as dog handlers and probably won't say a word.

Naturally, I'm a wreck. I can just imagine an off-stage dog fight. Cate often howls when she's excited or especially exuberant.

Still, I'm half expecting they'll decide they don't need the dogs or don't have time. We'll see.


Mark Churchill said...

Hope it went well. Please give us an update when you can...

Henry Chappell said...

Thanks Mark! Update on the way!