Monday, August 23, 2010

So you'll know that I haven't been slacking...

Wyman Meinzer and I just completed Under One Fence: The Waggoner Ranch Legacy. It'll be out this fall.

Check out this short video on the project, narrated by Wyman.

On the off-chance you're still checking this blog...

At my website, I've added links to a bunch of my newer Texas Wildlife working dog columns and feature articles, including a three-part series on "The Trained Retrieve," with help from Gregg Barrow, a sighthound piece with input from Matt and Steve, and a herd guardian article featuring Cat Urbigkit. You can check them out here.

My website has suffered as much neglect as this blog. I'm slowly working it back into shape, adding new stuff and deleting or moving old stuff.

This past year has been my busiest by far, and the next nine months will be crazy, but I hope to revive Home Range and get back to regular blog reading and commenting.

To my friends who've kept me on their blog rolls for the past year, many thanks.