Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Swift Fox Photos

You must check out these photos by photographer Russell Graves. The little swift fox was thought to be extinct in Texas until the mid-90s when Texas Parks & Wildlife biologist Kevin Mote live-trapped several on the shortgrass prairie in far northwest Texas. Further research indicates that the swift fox is holding its own if not exactly thriving. They're very shy and largely nocturnal, hence the lack of good photos. I don't know how or where Russell took these, but I plan to twist his arm for details.

I wrote a feature on the little swift a dozen or so years ago, but TPW's online archive doesn't go back that far.


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PBurns said...

Yep, awesome photos. Gotta love this country.

In other news, you have been tagged by me for the "Eight Random Facts Meme" See >> http://terriermandotcom.blogspot.com/2007/07/eight-random-facts.html