Saturday, September 18, 2010


Here's a great beagling video. My thanks to Gregg Barrow for sending it along:

One of the things I like about it is that it debunks the common myth that hounds can't or shouldn't be obedient. Although beagles have no peers when it comes to hunting cottontails, most will also do yeoman work on quail and woodcock. I was eleven or twelve years old, watching Feller, my beagle, silently working scent along a grown-up fence row, when my father said, "He's working birds. Let's get up there." Sure enough, about the time we got within shotgun range, Feller flushed the covey. From then on, whenever, he'd get really gamey, but didn't open up, I'd hustle to within shotgun range. Old Feller got me a lot of shots at gamebirds, and I've seen a number of beagles do the same since. Given a little encouragement, most beagles will retrieve as well. They're versatile little hunters and great with kids.

Looking for a first hunting dog? Find a well-bred beagle pup, make friends with her, and just go hunting. You'll figure it out together.

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