Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Book News

Working Dogs of Texas should be out late next month.

Wyman and I have started work on Under One Fence, a photostudy of the giant Waggoner Ranch. It should be out Fall 2010. If you liked 6666: Portrait of a Texas Ranch, you'll like this one too.

In June, I signed a contract with Texas Tech University Press to write Right of Capture: The Looming Water Crisis in Texas. A publication date hasn't been set, but I expect the book will come out in late 2011.

I'm trying not to panic. I'll finish wearing out my pickup doing the research.


mdmnm said...

Of course, some of that research would probably have to lead to the headwaters of the Pecos in NM and up the Rio Grande to it's source in CO, too, right?

Congrats on the book out and the books to come!

Henry Chappell said...

Hey Mike. Well, now that you mention it, visits to the headwaters of these great rivers seem absolutely essential, and I suspect that early fall will offer optimum research conditions.

Thanks for the good wishes!

Matt Mullenix said...

What a fantastic cover! Can't wait for release date!

Henry Chappell said...

Thanks, Matt! I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever finish this one. Looking back, I can't figure out why it took so long.