Thursday, January 29, 2009

One That Got Away

Where the hell are Terrierman and his little scrappers when you need them?
Late January, and the remaining fox squirrels are sure-enough survivors. Cate treed this one in a blackjack oak, but as I approached it jumped out. She almost caught it on the ground, but not quite.
The fox squirrels will be breeding soon. I'm starting to see signs of pairing up. I'd say this one is fit to pass along his or her genes.
We'll hunt this weekend, then leave them alone until May 1, when spring squirrel season opens.


stevea said...

My supposed hawking dog has caught his 4th squirrel. He's not done anything worthwhile with my hawks other than learn to stay back when the hawk is on the ground with what he caught with no help.

I did learn how to get an 80 pound dog out of a tree.

Tennis ball.

I'd be ashamed but you have to think fast when you're not in control.

Matt Mullenix said...

You might have to dabble a bit before May 1 if Cate is going to come with you to Gregg's? :-)

Henry Chappell said...

Steve, any trainer whou can coax a fired-up hunting dog out of a tree has my respect. I had to carry Cate away from that tree. In general, I wouldn't want to drag a young dog away from a task she was bred for.

Matt, by "leave them alone," I meant that I won't be shooting at them. I certainly plan to bring Cate to our little Querencia/ Covenant Kennel/ Home Range rendezvous. Cate and I went scouting for new territory day before yesterday. Found a gorgeous stretch of creek bottom. She treed a couple of times, but I didn't have the gun, and she was so focused on the squirrel, she didn't care.