Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Water Dogs

Another scorcher today. Somebody said it's supposed to be fall.

I took the dogs out for a run this morning. They headed straight for the pond. Just as well. I didn't feel like fighting through poison ivy in the woods and head-high giant ragweed along the field edges. Right now, I can't imagine temperatures in the 50s, let a alone frost. But the dogs were glad to be out.

Who said treeing dogs won't fetch?

Maggs is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever wannabe

Two knotheads


Rebecca K. O'Connor said...

I think I'm jealous. --not of the heat. I've got plenty of that and one fat as hell falcon that is never going to lose a gram in this weather-- I'm jealous of swimming dogs.

Henry Chappell said...

I'm betting yours will hit the water for a duck.

mdmnm said...

Henry- That still looks like a very good day, particularly from the dogs' point of view! From your posts we can really see Cate growing like a weed, too. Condolences on the heat, no frost yet at 5k feet, but fall is definitely in the air. Come March, when all here is cold and windy and dull and you are looking at spring squirrels, running white bass, and crappie along the banks, then the worm will have turned.