Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Water or Woods?

My article on proposed Marvin Nichols Reservoir appears in the July Issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife. My copy arrived in yesterday's mail. I assume it's on newstands by now. It should be available online in about a month.

My buddy Russell Graves shot the photos. I suspect his work will have a bigger impact than mine.

So far, the response has been very positive. But I'm expecting some nastygrams.


Russell Graves said...


You did a great job capturing the struggle between the opposing sides and how the leaders of the city of Dallas need to leave people's land alone and do with what they have.


mdmnm said...


Great article! Apart from the text, a friend of mine flipped through TP&W and said "I can tell what this is about just by looking at the photos!" referring specifically to the shot of the grave marker on one page and the sterile fountain in the new subdivision on the other.


Henry Chappell said...

Thanks for your kind words, Mike. Russell did a great job with the photos.

To me, the grave marker represents the history, culture, and collective memory of a place threatened by people who would force the consequences of their profligate lifestyles on distant rural folks.